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STRATEGIC PLAN FOR FUND DEVELOPMENT—PART ONE: From the Big Ideals to the Nitty-gritty Details

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Over the last two years, I’ve been asking organizational leaders privately and publically if they have a strategic plan specifically for the fund development aspect of their organization. At a recent conference, I put that question to over 700 fundraisers. Only three raised their hand. The lack of response to this very informal survey and my follow-up conversations seem to beg two questions: 1) Is a list of fundraising goals the same as a strategic plan for fund development and 2) what difference does it make? Continue reading

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STRATEGIC PLANNING — Part 3: Donor Doctrine as the Starting Point

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A couple of years ago I published two articles on strategic and tactical planning and continue to be surprised at how those posts from 2012 continue to show up on the list of top reads. So here’s one more thought about the strategy-tactic idea and how it relates to charitable gift planning. The word “tactical” is the adjective form of the verb “to tact.” A sailboat heading into an opposing wind will tact back and forth, temporarily veering off course, in order to work its way toward its destination — the STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE. Simply put, TACTICAL PLANNING is a response or reaction to an immediate need (i.e. opposing wind). Continue reading

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