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VISIONARY LEADERSHIP: Asking the 100-Year Questions

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A visionary leader is one who leads today with clear understanding of where they want to be many years down the road. The difference between visionary leaders and those who are just plane ole visionaries is that leaders actually ask the questions, make decisions, and take steps today that will affect their organizations far into the future. Some organizational leaders focus their visionary leadership on next year’s budget or even upon a three-year plan. Then there are those who lead on a level that demands that they continually ask 100-hundred year questions. Continue reading

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Fundraising and the Art of Listening; Discovering Unspoken Concerns that Hinder Giving Decisions

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My experience, however, has been that most of the major gifts with which I have assisted, the ability to engage in natural (not contrived) conversations has been essential to securing that gift. Certainly, I don’t hold the patent on listening to people. Anyone can listen, however, the ability to dialog with potential donors as a genuinely interested listener is not as easy as one might imagine. Continue reading

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