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THE LISTENING HABIT: The Donor’s Story and the Organizational Story

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Many companies are attempting to brand themselves as having a deeply embedded culture of listening. I really don’t know if these companies and their employees actually listen to their clients and constituents any better than their competitors or if the listening promotion is merely a marketing slogan. What I do know is this: In thousands of conversations with donors over the years, I have come to realize that often THE DONOR’S STORY is just as important as your organizational story. Occasionally, it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Continue reading

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Fundraising and the Art of Listening; Discovering Unspoken Concerns that Hinder Giving Decisions

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My experience, however, has been that most of the major gifts with which I have assisted, the ability to engage in natural (not contrived) conversations has been essential to securing that gift. Certainly, I don’t hold the patent on listening to people. Anyone can listen, however, the ability to dialog with potential donors as a genuinely interested listener is not as easy as one might imagine. Continue reading

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